Porcelain Tiles 800x2400


The long lasting and stylish Porcelain tiles are in vogue in the interior designing industry. Porcelain tiles are sturdy, beautiful, resistant to moisture and chipping and are available in plenty of options, what else can one ask for? Whether it is renovating a home, or designing a new garden patio, these porcelain tiles are everyone's first choice.

Our 800x2400 Porcelain Tiles are fairly huge and unique. They can impart a luxurious and spacious appeal to any space because of their larger than life size. They are made with finest quality material and shaped into innovative designs and styles. One can choose from a vibrant collection of Porcelain Tiles 800x2400 at NACS International. We are a premier company in the Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary ware Industry. Our motto is to pursue excellence by delivering innovative products of highest standards throughout the globe.

Transform your space with porcelain tiles 800x2400

The larger porcelain tiles of size 800 x 2400 mm are an excellent choice if you want to create a modern and contemporary interior or outdoors. These tiles have a wide range of applications in residential homes as well as commercial spaces such as malls, airports, corporate offices, hotels and administrative buildings.

Porcelain tiles of 800x2400 are very much suitable for wall cladding. In addition to protecting the walls from exterior elements, it also creates a sleek and spacious look. It can be installed anywhere, be it kitchen, living room, bathroom or outdoors depending upon your requirement and the look you want to create for your space.

These Porcelain tiles are also suitable for flooring as they are easy to maintain and their large size creates a clean look because of fewer joint lines. They can also be used on kitchen countertops.

Over the years, they have also gained popularity for their application in facade systems. These large format tiles when used for building facades, creates a stunning and sophisticated look and hence are a popular choice amongst architects and designers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Porcelain tiles of size 800 x 2400 are fairly huge and heavy in weight. This calls for special care and attention to detail while installation. Below are some points that can help you lay these big tiles with precision

  • Ensure that the surface on which these tiles are to be installed is clean, dry, flat, and leveled.
  • Use a high quality adhesive to install such large-format tiles
  • Ensure meticulous handling and cutting
  • Since these tiles are very large in size, it may be a little challenging to install these, Hence always consult an experienced tile installer to ensure a perfect finish and durable installation.

Porcelain tiles that measure 800x2400 can be installed in a variety of applications. Indoor applications include Flooring in large living spaces, Wall cladding in bathrooms, showers, and kitchens, Fireplace surrounds, and accent walls. Commercial applications, such as office buildings, shopping centers, and hotels and Outdoor applications include Façade cladding on buildings, Patio, outdoor flooring, Pool surrounds, and Garden walkways and paths.

800 x 2400 tile size is considered to be a large format size. It is reasonably larger than the most commonly used tile sizes which are 300x300, 600x600, and 800x800. In fact, it is relatively larger than the large format tiles of 600 x 1200 size. These huge tiles are capable of creating visually appealing masterpieces and a seamless modern look, however, their size and weight can require special installation considerations.

Porcelain tiles of any size are known for their longevity and their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and porcelain tiles of 800x2400 size are no exception. Same as other porcelain tiles, these are made from dense, compact, and high quality raw materials making them robust and resistant to scratches. However, because of their large size, they require special attention while installation and it is important to use a high quality adhesive.


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