What Size Of Porcelain Tiles Should You Choose?

What Size Of Porcelain Tiles Should You Choose?
Posted by NACS | February 07, 2023

People these days prefer porcelain tiles when designing their homes. But the selection of porcelain tiles changes over time. For example, porcelain tiles 600x1200 and porcelain tiles 800x1600 were popular a few years back. However, larger tiles such as porcelain tiles 800x2400 and porcelain tiles 800x3000 are in trend in the current scenario.

But which sizes of porcelain tiles are suitable for the different spaces of your home? Will Larger tiles, such as porcelain tiles 800x2400 or porcelain tiles 800x3000, work well in your bathroom or living room? Or medium and small size tiles such as Porcelain Tiles 800x1600 and porcelain Tiles 600x1200 should be used.

Please read our article to find all of your answers. We have listed ideal porcelain tile sizes and their usage space for you.

Look At Different Sizes Of Porcelain Tiles And Find Where To Use Them

Large Full Body Porcelain Tiles 

Larger porcelain tiles are currently popular, and people enjoy them much. These tiles add a sense of space and a solid finish to the floors. There are primarily two types of large porcelain tiles on the market. The first is porcelain tiles 800x2400, and the second is porcelain tiles 800x3000. Let's take a look at them one by one.

Porcelain Tiles 800x2400

Porcelain Tiles 800x2400 

Full Body Porcelain Tiles 800x2400 is an excellent option for a big living room. These Large Porcelain Tiles 800x2400 can be used as countertops. If you want to do it as flooring, marble-appearance porcelain tiles are the most excellent option. 

You can also employ other designs and color schemes to enhance the look. As a result, you'll obtain a bold-looking wall with a lovely design. However, when selecting porcelain tiles 800x2400, look for high quality because fractures in low-quality tiles can form fast.

Where to use Porcelain Tiles 800 x 2400

Now that you have a basic idea about these tiles let's see their use in different spaces. 

For living room walls, porcelain tiles 800 x 2400 are the perfect match. The white matte finish porcelain tiles will give your wall a stunning appearance. You may also use these tiles for bathroom walls and kitchen floors.

Porcelain Tiles 800x3000

Porcelain Tiles 800x3000 

Porcelain tiles 800x3000 are ideal for large-scale flooring. These tiles furnish your flooring with durability as well as a shiny appearance. Because of this, these tiles are the perfect illustration of elegance and sustainability.

Anti-slip white marble porcelain tiles are an excellent alternative if you want easy-to-maintain and safe flooring. Because of the vast spread of white appearance, it will also create a white snow beauty aspect.

Where to use Porcelain Tiles 800x3000

Porcelain tiles 800x3000 are the best fit for larger areas. But with proper arrangement, they can give a tremendous look to your other spaces. 

Porcelain tiles 800x3000 are more commonly utilized in business than residential ones. For example, if you own a restaurant, these tiles will provide a great first impression.

Vitrified porcelain tiles are ideal for an 800x3000 parking spot. Aside from that, with the correct pattern, these tiles may also be used for living room walls and bathroom floors.

Medium Full Body Porcelain Tiles 

Medium size porcelain floor tiles, such as porcelain tiles 800x1600 are a fantastic choice for home flooring. Their rectangular shape and smooth finish lend cushioned seating and comfort to your flooring. Due to the medium size, the flooring also becomes economical. The diversity in designs of these tiles makes your floor charming. Let’s go and see its different categories.

 Porcelain Tiles 800x1600

 Porcelain Tiles 800x1600 

These tiles adorn your floor because of their variety of designs. Porcelain Tiles 800x1600 are a popular choice for small-scale household flooring. Its smaller, medium size provides your floor with a cutting-edge polish. These tiles may also be used on bathroom walls.

Your bathroom would appear exquisite with royal blue tiles. Porcelain's smooth texture and rectangular form will give your walls a compact design.

Where to use Porcelain Tiles 800x1600

Porcelain tiles 800 x 1600 have diverse applications over home and workspaces. Let's see the places best to implement them. 

Porcelain tiles 800x1600 can be used in your home's rectangular and extensive flooring. Its unique feature is that it can offer attractiveness to anyone's flooring in the living room, kitchen, or bathroom. You can also choose a distinct design for your workplace's floor and walls.

Small Full Body Porcelain Tiles 

Small size porcelain tiles are very easy to use, easy to maintain and beautiful to look at. Therefore these tiles are multiple purpose tiles. Let's see them. 

Porcelain Tiles 600x1200

Porcelain Tiles 600x1200

Let us now discuss porcelain tiles 600x1200. These tiles are rectangular and modest in size. The vertical placement of porcelain tiles 600x1200 on the wall creates an enthralling effect. If you want a professional appearance, use granite-effect porcelain tiles. As these porcelain tiles in 600x1200 size add an appealing touch to your workplace.

Where to use Porcelain Tiles 600x1200

Porcelain tiles 600x1200 porcelain are a multipurpose design. That is why it can be implemented as a home or business layout. With their superb finishing, these tiles will become a style trademark for your home. So be sure to utilize these tiles to offer your bathroom a relaxing touch, your kitchen a shiny look, and your living room a trendy grasp.

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