One Piece vs Two Piece Closet: Which is More Preferable?

One Piece vs Two Piece Closet: Which is More Preferable?
Posted by NACS | September 15, 2022

Nowadays, Sanitaryware products have become the most essential items in every home or public space. It is available in a variety of options with various shapes, sizes, and designs. But when it comes to toilets, you can choose between a one piece closet or a two piece closet.

The difference between a one piece closet and a two piece closet is important to know for any homeowner to make the most effortless choice of buying a new toilet without much difficulty.

To simplify your problem, in this blog we will compare one piece toilet vs two piece toilet so that you can easily decide which one is better for you.

What is a One Piece Closet?

What is a One Piece Closet?

A one piece closet is a style of the toilet where it is made up of just one component, as the name implies. The bowl and the tanks or cistern are all integrated into one piece and therefore they can be bought and fixed immediately. 

Simple installation, quick cleaning, and features like automatic flushing and water conservation are all offered by a one-piece closet. In order to make it more accessible to kids, it is comparatively lower to the ground. It presents a simpler and minimalistic appearance due to its shorter height. Manufacturers often provide the exact toilet design in both a one-piece and a two piece closet version. 

What Are One Piece Closet’s Advantages?

Some benefits of a one piece closet include the ones listed below:

1. Appearance

Everyone will agree that a one-piece closet is more modern and stylish. They are viewed as being more glitzy, glamorous and conventional than two piece closets. There is no space between the bowl and the tank because they were moulded together, creating a continuously smooth surface. The joints are typically trimmed down on one-piece closets, giving them a very appealing look.

2. Durability

A one piece closet is one solid piece. If any part of a closet made of one piece is seriously damaged, the whole closet will need to be replaced. However, it is less likely that it will break. Two piece closet has a slight advantage over this as there are two separate parts and they can both be separately replaced. Nonetheless, this closet toilet could last for numerous years with proper care.

3. Low Maintenance 

The ease of maintenance is one of the factors contributing to one-piece toilets’ popularity. One-piece toilets are simpler to clean since there is less room for bacteria to get trapped and grow because it is created from one continuous piece of ceramic. 

What is a Two Piece Closet?

What is a Two Piece Closet?

In a two piece closet, the bowl and tank are separate but linked components. It is divided into a tank and a bowl. This style of toilet is used more frequently and has been around for a long time since it is available in a variety of heights and shapes and is more comfortable than a one piece closet

What Are Two Piece Closet’s Advantages? 

The following are some advantages of a two piece closet:

1. Size and Weight

There are many different sizes and weights in this closet. People can therefore select based on their preferences. Additionally, this toilet has two distinct sections, dividing its weight into two parts, making it simple to install or move. For adults or the elderly, two piece closets may be desirable because they are higher above the ground than a one-piece closet.

2. Flushing Power and Efficiency

This is one of the two piece closet’s greatest features. There are closets available with a range of flushing systems, from flappers to towers. Each flush uses as little as 2.5 liters of water. Such a closet has excellent flushing power because it has two different types of tanks that can either increase or decrease flushing.

3. Easy to replace

This closet’s ease of replacement is one of its many advantages. Two piece closet toilets can be split into separate pieces, we can replace them with ease. On the other hand, One-piece closets are heavier than two-piece closets, which makes them more difficult to replace or relocate.

If any part of the two piece toilet breaks, then that particular can be easily mended or replaced. Whereas on the other hand, there is a need to completely replace the one piece toilet.

4. Comfortable Installation

Two piece closet handling and installation are also significantly simpler. When installing a two piece, you will be handling a bowl and a tank separately. With less weight to move, installing it becomes simpler. Apart from this, It has quite a few weight and dimension benefits that make installation easier. 

5. Affordable

Finally, a two piece closet is less pricey. As a one-piece toilet bowl is made as one piece, it has a higher production cost than a two-piece closet. Also, less demand for one-piece toilet leads to a higher unit price. Due to their popularity, ease of use, and larger production scale, all these factors make two-piece toilets less expensive & more affordable compared to single-piece toilet. You can avail the amazing features of this closet at a reasonable price. 

This is an accurate side-by-side comparison of a one piece and two piece closet. As we can see, the bulk of the qualities favour two-piece closets. If you ask us, we would recommend a two-piece closet over a one-piece closet because it is easier to clean, install and repair and is more affordable than a one piece closet.

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