Top 6 Types of Porcelain Tiles To Design Your Home

Top 6 Types of Porcelain Tiles To Design Your Home
Posted by NACS | October 23, 2022

Porcelain tiles are getting popular gradually. These tiles offer various features that are better and more durable than the alternatives available in the market. One of the attractive features of porcelain tiles is their versatility and aesthetics. There are a number of designs and styles of porcelain tiles available. Abundant customization options and almost never-ending combinations make these tiles one of the most popular choices for homeowners to decorate their homes by imparting their personal touch. 

Recent advancements in the tiles industry have made it possible to deliver eye-appealing designs and custom styles. Since these tiles are durable, aesthetic, and require low maintenance, their popularity is justified. Today we will go through some popular types of porcelain tiles that are getting the limelight.

Best Porcelain Tiles Types To Achieve Esthetic Look 

When we make our horizons narrow and focus on individual components of porcelain tiles, we notice another combination of components that contributes to making the tile versatile. There are so many different options of porcelain tiles to choose from, sometimes it may get overwhelming for the homeowners. What are some of these options? Here they are:

1. Subway tiles:

Subway tiles

Subway tiles are one of the most common and known tiles in the world. Introduced in the early 20th century, these tiles came into use relatively quickly. Even in the modern market, the demand persists rather strongly. These are simple-looking tiles that radiate clean and fresh look vibes. These are also known as metro tiles and are most commonly found in modern-day bathrooms.

2. Artisan-type tiles: 

Artisan-type tiles

Artisan typically means hand-made. These tiles provide stunning visuals and a feeling of skilled craftsmanship. These tiles are recognized for the subtle yet contemporary artwork done on them.  Several tiles from the set collection can make the bigger picture and give the room a luxurious look. Generally it is recommended for outdoor use and wet areas. These tiles are commonly used to give an authentic vibe to the environment. Several textures and patterns are available for this type of porcelain tile.

3. Geometric tiles: 

Geometric tiles

The name is quite blatant for the description. One can never go wrong with geometric tiles because they provide an unmatched level of simplicity. As they say, beauty is in simplicity, geometric tiles work exactly on that principle. These tiles can be used in combination to create beautiful geometrical artwork or used as individual sets to give a simple yet aesthetic look. One popular recommendation that is often associated with geometrical tiles is to use subtle levels of shades to give slight contrast, hence appearing more aesthetically.

4. 3D textured tiles: 

3D textured tiles

These fall under the neo-retro type. The 3D textured porcelain tiles can give a mixed impression of tradition and modernity.  These types of tiles are the new trend in the market. Recommended for interiors, these tiles enhance the vibe of the room by providing splendid visuals of the concept art in a 3D form. 3D tiles mean depth of perception, these porcelain tiles allow the homeowners to experiment with depth of perception and create an unconventional look on a traditional concept tile. Such a combination delivers excellent results for interiors such as living rooms. 5.

5. Penny Tiles: 

Penny Tiles

As the name suggests these are rather small tiles that are hexagonal in shape. Known for their dynamic appearance, these tiles are most commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. These tiles date back to the colonial age and hence impart a sense of historical importance. The penny porcelain tiles are ideal for retro homeowners who are looking for an authentic look. These tiles are popular for bathrooms, behind the mirror and other decorative purposes.

6. Polished Porcelain Tiles: 

Polished Porcelain Tiles

Polished porcelain tiles undergo a process of polishing the surface with diamond disks. The process creates microscopic pores on the surface of the porcelain tiles and is later given a glazed and glossy finish. Thus, giving the surface a more luster and a polished look. Polished porcelain tiles are recommended for interior and exterior walls as they provide a much cleaner and smoother look for the surrounding environment. Due to the presence of microscopic pores, these tiles are easy to keep clean

Over to You 

Porcelain tiles are traditional tiles that date back to the 15th century. With recent advancements in technology and machinery in the tiles industry, the features of porcelain tiles have changed dramatically. Now, tiles are available in abundant designs and styles for homeowners to opt from. The scope of customization is never-ending thus making these popular in the modern market. These tiles are versatile as they can adapt to the art form or design and provide beautiful results. 

There are several different types of new and trendy designs available in the market, above-mentioned are some of the most popular. By choosing any of them you can make your home more beautiful, tidy and modern.

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