Porcelain Tiles 800x3000


Choose from NACS International’s vast collection of porcelain tiles 800x3000mm to decorate and strengthen your building’s interiors as well as exteriors. Our porcelain tiles 800x3000mm – also called porcelain slabs 800x3000mm – are ideal for bigger projects such as hotels, restaurants, corporate buildings, etc.

A building’s flooring and walling play a huge role in making impressions in the visitor’s mind. The look and feel of the surroundings will be a strong factor when the vibrations of the place will be talked about. Porcelain is a widely known material in the flooring and walling industry. From its build quality to its finish, everything is perfect for most projects it’s considered for.

Features of Porcelain Tiles 800x3000mm

Tear & Wear Resistant

Our porcelain tiles 800x3000mm are known to be tough. While it’s no news that porcelain is one of the most durable materials when it comes to tiles, it is also liquid-resistant, stain-resistant, and crack resistant. If you’re considering porcelain for flooring, it’s important that you keep in mind that the floor will be carrying weights of people, hence a feature like crack resistance will be a necessity.


A lot of people misjudge porcelain when they first see its glossy finish. It’s easy to get confused and think that the surface would be slippery. However, that’s not the case. Our porcelain tiles 800x3000mm have natural slip-resistance, so when it comes to the comfort of walking on it, it will be more than up for the task, be it barefoot or with footwear on.
A critical point to keep in mind when choosing porcelain tiles 800x3000mm is their maintenance. Imagine that you pick a porcelain tile and lock it for your project, and you go ahead with it and finish your project. It looks great and it feels great, but how long will it stay like that? Our point is, what good is an extravagant tile if you can’t maintain it to keep it in its best state?
Hence, we give maintenance as much importance as durability when we manufacture our tiles.

Ideal for Busy Areas

If you’re looking for a tile option for an extremely busy area like a hotel reception or a restaurant, one thing you must be certain of is that the tiles must withstand high traffic. Don’t worry, though, our porcelain tiles 800x3000mm will be more than up for that challenge as well. Our tiles’ durability, scratch-resistance, slip-resistance, and easy maintenance make them an ideal choice for those types of settings.

Available in Tons of Designs

Design is probably one thing that people are most picky about, and why shouldn’t they be? The design they pick is going to sit there for a lifetime, it’s not like you want to replace the tiles every year or so.
NACS has designs for porcelain tiles 800x3000mm to match all tastes. From our collection of a wide range of designs, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect design for yourself.
To get a head start, check out our top picks which are:

  • Arbescatto
  • Volga Blue
  • Tobacco Brown
  • Italian Travertino
  • Bottochino Large
  • Black Beauty
  • Bahia Azul
  • Asacia

Pedestal Basins FAQs:

No, but on the contrary, porcelain tiles are a better option than ceramic. Porcelain tiles are manufactured from a more refined clay than ceramic, which means they’re more durable and denser than the latter. Porcelain is also less porous than ceramic, which means it absorbs lesser water and can live longer. 

Porcelain tiles 800x3000mm are known for their consistent color from their top through their body to their bottom. Another thing that affects the quality of porcelain is the mixture of materials used while manufacturing. NACS uses high-quality material that adds to the quality of porcelain.

If not maintained properly, porcelain tiles 800x3000mm can turn yellow over time. It doesn’t matter how good a quality of tiles you choose, you will have to keep it cleaned and maintained, or it will turn yellow.


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