Designer Wash Basin


The bathroom wash basin is an essential priority that frequently goes unnoticed or does not receive enough attention. It is a crucial component because it enhances the space’s aesthetic appeal while also being utilitarian.

By design, our washbasins are simple to clean. Even though you’ll need to give them a good scrape to remove the worst buildup and debris, stainless steel sinks are far simpler to clean with a wipe and some water than a traditional sink. They offer a classic look that simply appears excellent. 

Additionally, our washbasins are sleek, stylish, and go well with other stainless steel furnishings. Instead of placing uncomfortable equipment that jumps out at random, you should greatly enhance and streamline the design of your commercial restroom.

Therefore, if you are prepared to install a wash basin at your home. We are here to provide you with the best wash basin at a fair price. Visit our product page for in-depth information on our sanitary ware products.

Designer Wash Basin FAQs:

NACS International designer wash basin offers amazing style to your home. Designer wash basins are popular because homeowners can resonate with them which is why they are considered the best. The designer variants are popular because they look so in harmony with the surroundings while also delivering amazing aesthetics.

You can never go wrong with the classic. Round wash basins are generally liked by everyone and frankly never go out of style.

The colour of wash basins is generally a personal preference. Some of the most popular colours of wash basins are white, black, cream, and grey. There are tons of different shades available as well. So, each homeowner has a unique taste and a favorite color which is generally the best for them. 

Stains on wash basins are quite common, except in stainless steel wash basins. These stains can be removed by scrapping the debris and waste build-up. Followed by cleaning with detergent and warm water.

To fix a wash basin to the wall you will; have to rework the plumbing a little bit, need nuts and bolts, pipes that can fit inside the wall, and a tap with a similar input circumference. 

1. Measure the size of the wall basin and mark it on the wall. 

2. By using a drill, make holes for the screws and nut bolts to hold the wash basin in place. 

3. Install the wash basin by connecting the tap and drainage. 

4. Fix the screws and ensure zero leakage. 

5. Let the wash basin rest and apply some pressure to check rigidity.

To install a wash basin follow these steps:

1. Measure the area where the wash basin has to be installed. Note the proper height of the wash basin level. 

2. Demolish that part of the wall and rework the plumbing by installing pipe extensions towards the water tap of the wash basin (only in the case of wall washbasins). 

3. Connect the pipes with taps and connect the drainage as well. Make sure the water flow is smooth and clear. 

4. Fix the wash basin on the wall. You can use nut bolts and screws. Ensure rigidity by applying some pressure. 

5. Make one final check by turning the tap and re-work the wall paint. 


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