Top 8 Designer Wash Basin Design Ideas

Top 8 Designer Wash Basin Design Ideas
Posted by NACS | October 10, 2023

The days of dull, conventional wash basins are over. In order to improve the aesthetics of their living spaces, homeowners are looking for cutting-edge and fashionable sink design solutions. In the present situation, designer wash basins are the ultimate topic of conversation. Everyone is noticing their exquisite craftsmanship and unwavering beauty. These washbasins offer a variety of style options, from vintage to contemporary.

Today, we'll look at some of these fantastic designer wash basin design concepts to update your home. So, let's begin.

Design Beyond the Ordinary: 8 most fascinating Designer Wash Basin Ideas

Breva Corner Countertops

BREVA-CORNER Designer Wash Basin

Breva designer wash basins are brilliantly crafted master pieces to enhance the unused corners of your space. Their bold edges and glamorous design add visual interest to the space while also providing a modern appearance. You can use a combination of wall mirrors with corner wash basins which will elevate the aesthetics of the room.

Cornia Top Mount Wash Basin

Top mount wash basins are aesthetically pleasing and on top of that the cornea-inspired design makes them even more beautiful. Their elegant curves catch everyone's attention and enhance the interior design of your area. They provide you plenty of room for your utilities, and their clever construction also keeps water from overflowing. Therefore, Cornia top-mount designer washbasins are great in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Cornia Top Mount Designer Wash Basin

Lily - Corner wash basin design

Lily Corner is a stylish washbasin in the form of a bowl. It gives your area a timeless look with a touch of contemporary design. These trendy sinks, which are made of ceramic, add a distinctive feel to your room. Bowl-shaped sinks also give your bathroom a posh spa vibe. A bowl-shaped look gives you improved functioning and allows for practical water drainage. Thus, it offers simple cleaning and maintenance options.

Lily - Corner Designer Wash Basin

Loras full pedestal wash basin

Loras is a collection of premium full pedestal designer wash basins that reflect the serene conventional wash basin designs. These sinks are manufactured from high-quality porcelain and serve a lucrative appearance that exudes elegance and beauty for a long period of time. Full pedestal wash basins are also essentially beneficial in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in wet spaces like the bathroom.

Loras full pedestal designer wash basin

Flower-inspired Sona Bmatt

Sona Bmatt designer wash basins are inspired from the beauty of flowers. Their innovatively crafted body resembles the beautiful appearance of flowers and provides a unique touch to your space. The crystalline glow of these wash basins provides a captivating look in the sunlight, hence it is best to place them near windows. Sona Bmatt sinks also easily compliment other decorative elements of the room and can elevate any space with their versatility.

Flower-inspired Sona Bmatt Designer Wash Basin

Torus durable full pedestal wash basin

The Torus designer wash basins embodies unrivaled toughness and audacity. This set gives your home a nostalgic vibe while bringing back the original wash basin design. These designer wash basins are a singular example of strength and usability in addition to beauty. Since their bodies are made of ceramic, they don't easily scratch or collect stains, thus their beauty lasts for years.

Torus durable full pedestal designer wash basin

Alexa luxurious wash basins

Alexa designer wash basins bring modern sophistication to your space. Their minimal yet handsome design will surely make you feel wow. With fine edges, crystalline glow, and a luxurious appeal, these wash basins are a perfect fit to modern homes. Their expansive basin area provides ample space for your other accessories and also streamlined water drainage. Therefore, there is neither tension of water overflow nor regular cleaning.

Alexa luxurious Designer wash basins

Artisanal Countertops

Artisanal countertops are a unique example of innovation and advanced technology. Different types of motifs and colors are digitally printed on the surface of these designer wash basins which is the secret behind their awe-inspiring beauty. The presence of artisanal elements evokes a bold, vibrant, and glamorous appeal in your space. You can also go for a light color printed wash basin to transform your space into a soothing retreat.

Artisanal Designer Countertops


We have seen some of the best designer wash basins that can give a magical touch to your space. Apart from these, there are many other designs available which can match with your choice. But while choosing any sink, always pay attention to the quality and sustainability of the product. Stay tuned with us for more such decor ideas.