Porcelain Tiles 800x1600


NACS brings you a collection of porcelain tiles 800x1600mm that defies the boundaries of generally valid quality norms. Buy porcelain tiles that will leave an imprint in minds of whoever sets eyes on them whether you install them in your home, hotel, office, shop, or any other public place. Our porcelain tiles 800x1600mm have passed our extensive quality inspections to make sure that they’re ready for use in heavy-traffic areas. We have also made sure that our tiles are ready to use both indoors and outdoors (garden, lawn, etc.).

Porcelain tiles measuring 800x1600 are among the latest trends in the tile industry. Their large size, which allows for a more seamless appearance with fewer grout lines, gives them a sleek and modern look that can help create the illusion of a more spacious environment.

We at NACS International have an array of Porcelain tiles in unique styles and designs available for sizes 800x1600. Whether you choose to adorn your kitchen, bathroom, living space, or outdoors, these tiles are surely going to turn heads.

Applications of Our Porcelain Tiles 800x1600mm

Porcelain’s qualities like durability, versatility, and elemental resistances make it such a great choice for application on walls and flooring alike. If you’re a builder, you should consider our porcelain tiles 800x1600mm for your future commercial complex projects. Lighter shades of our porcelain tiles will add a lot of character to the corporate feel of your building and make it a considerably easy sell for those who’re looking for offices. Additionally, porcelain is way more durable and attractive than wall paint, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

What Makes Our Porcelain Tiles 800x1600mm Ideal?


One of the important things to consider while planning for a new project is the materials you’ll be using and their properties. Here, we’re talking about tiles for walls and flooring. Whether you’re choosing porcelain tiles 800x1600mm for your home or any other space, you must make sure that it checks the fundamental boxes of being water-resistant, fire-resistant, scratch-resistant, and crack-resistant.
We’ve gone ahead and done those checks for you on our porcelain tiles 800x1600mm to ensure they’re ready for wherever you want to put them. Bathrooms, did you say? We have got the water resistance on our tiles working for you. Apart from that, our porcelain tiles also have a natural slip resistance, which is extremely crucial for bathrooms because of the extensive water usage in the area. Porcelain is also one of the few substances that are non-porous, meaning that it doesn’t absorb any water or moisture.

Durability & Maintenance

Once you install our porcelain tiles 800x1600mm, you can forget about them, it’s not in their nature to keep asking for constant care. Porcelain is a very hard-wearing material that can last a lifetime when given cyclic attention. There’s no reason why our porcelain tiles 800x1600mm shouldn’t stay in their prime condition when you keep them maintained periodically.

Speaking of maintenance, porcelain is probably the easiest tile type to maintain, a simple wet mop will work for regular cleaning. Apart from that, you can also mix cleaning agents in water for a thorough cleaning every once in a while. Hence, it should be an ideal choice for areas like corporate spaces, restaurants, etc., from the durability and maintenance perspective. 

On top of all qualities that our porcelain tiles 800x1600mm have, we have managed to keep the prices of our products in a reasonable price range so that all our clients can take advantage of them. Get started by checking out our collection of porcelain tiles 800x1600mm and contact us if you have any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

The current trend of luxurious and spacious looking yet environmentally sustainable architectural units has led to an increase in demand for Porcelain tiles. The larger options of Porcelain tiles like the one in 800x1600mm size are currently very much in trend because they create a uniform finish and a contemporary visual appeal. How gorgeous these porcelain tiles look, does not even need a mention here.

If you are looking to create a luxurious and spacious impression for your Kitchen, living area, bath area, outdoors, or any commercial or industrial property, NACS International’s 800x1600 mm size Porcelain tiles are surely your perfect bet. Check out our collection of tiles with unique and innovative designs and styles.

There are a lot of pattern and color options available for Porcelain tiles of size 800 x 1600 mm at our company. Some of our most in demand options are:

Gold-Agate: It has a golden yellow hue on a creamy base that resembles the look of a natural gold-agate stone.

Sahara-Black: This tile option accents a deep, rich black color with ultra-fine variations and patterns that create a special look similar to a natural black stone.

Stone Age-copper: The warm and earthy hues and the textured surface of this tile option is designed to give a natural look of copper stone.

These are just a few to name. Have a look at our complete collection to choose the best suit for you.

Due to the large size and heavy weight, Bigger tiles definitely require a more meticulous and careful approach than laying smaller ones. It is not necessarily harder but it requires certain experience, proper tools and techniques to ensure that the tiles are installed properly and a long lasting result is achieved. One needs to make sure that the surface is flat and properly leveled and high quality adhesives are used for installing larger tiles to create finest finish and avoid wear and tear of tiles.

The spacious and luxurious look these bigger tiles provide is totally unparalleled to any other tiles. But in order to get this beautiful desired end result, it is recommended that you consult with a professional tile installer who can get the job done with high standards.

We have a huge collection of 800x1600 mm tiles in various styles and colors. The pricing may vary based on the tile selection as well as the destination location. Please contact us to discuss the pricing.

The Porcelain tiles in Size 800x1600 are usually packaged in 2 tiles per box. Please check Packing Details for more information.


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