Wall Hung Toilet


The toilet that combines style, usability, and easy maintenance is a wall hung toilet. It is also quite useful if you have a small room or bathroom because it required small space and will make your area appear larger. 

The demand for wall-hung toilets has increased multi-fold because of their aesthetic look without any compromise in stability. In recent years, wall hung toilet manufacturers experienced quite a pump in demand that allowed major wall hung toilet manufacturers like us, NACS International, to thrive in this industry by providing top-notch quality wall hung toilets. Urbanization allowed wall hung toilet manufacturers to create a diverse and versatile collection of these toilets, and thus enrich the industry. 

The wall hung toilet’s height can be modified to suit your needs. They can be positioned next to other bathroom fixtures without making the room feel claustrophobic. Wall-mounted toilets can give the impression of more space because they employ a wall-mounted area rather than a floor space. These types of toilets have a distinctive appearance, and they never fail to impress when paired with a gorgeous bathroom design.

If you’re trying to create a sleek and elegant design, our wall hung toilet will offer a contemporary yet practical washroom solution. There are possibilities for every project type and price range in the wide spectrum of styles available for wall mounted toilets, from round to square.

Wall hung toilets have therefore became a hot trend for homeowners to decorate their bathrooms in an elegant way. Wall hung toilet manufacturers are, therefore, on a constant struggle to build an elegant looking, comfortable, and modern wall hung toilet.

Wall Hung Toilet FAQs:

As the name suggests, wall-hung toilets are ones that are attached to the wall. Instead of having a toilet cistern or unit with a pan connected to the floor, the bathroom’s mechanics and pipes are disguised in the wall behind the toilet and placed at an appropriate height from the ground.

The typical wall-hung toilet has a 500-pound weight capacity! That implies that even the typical panda bear, weighing in at 333 pounds, could relax on one.

A wall-hung toilet is one that has its tank built into the wall and a toilet bowl that is fastened directly to the wall. As a result, wall-hung toilets can be more compact and can give a more contemporary appearance.

One of the primary benefits of wall-hung toilets is that they are simple to install and take up less space in the bathroom, giving the space a bigger feel. They are also more durable than other types of toilets and easy to clean or maintain.

One of the main disadvantages of a wall-hung toilet is that since the flush tank is hidden, maintenance may be challenging. So to ensure simple maintenance, choose models with built-in access panels that make it possible for the plumber to access the WC’s internal parts.

Wall-hung toilets can be cleaned more easily because there isn’t an exposed trapway on them. Installing a wall-hung toilet in your house can also help you prevent unpleasant odours and possibly hazardous obstructions.

Wall-hung toilets are significantly less expensive than other designs, despite the fact that they need expensive specialised installation. Wall-hung toilets are much less costly than other types.



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