Pedestal Sink

Big Sterling Pedestal Sink Big Sterling Pedestal Sink
Supreme Pedestal Sink Set Supreme Pedestal Sink Set
Star Gold Pedestal Sink Set Star Gold Pedestal Sink Set
Star Pedestal Sink Set Star Pedestal Sink Set
Mini Sterling Pedestal Sink Mini Sterling Pedestal Sink
Deltar Set (POLO) Pedestal Sink Deltar Set (POLO) Pedestal Sink
Sophia Pedestal Sink Set Sophia Pedestal Sink Set
Dyna Pedestal Sink Set Dyna Pedestal Sink Set

Pedestal sink are one of the most common and traditional forms of wash sinks. These are commonly found in almost all vintage homes, and quite frankly never left the trend. Pedestal sinks are very popular among homeowners because they give a traditional yet contemporary look, a rare combination to find. NACS International recognizes the potential of pedestal sink, which is why we introduce our collection of pedestal sinks/sinks to you. We have different designs for this sink, ranging from subtle art to trendy designs and patterns. Our collection is bound to get you the design and look that you aspire to. The most common size of our pedestal sink is 810x510x490mm. 

The pedestal sink comes with strong support upon which the wash sink rests. The support also acts as a hide for the plumbing within it. Meaning the structure looks neat and clean. Pedestal designs have been in the market for a long time, and the craze doesn’t seem to end!

Features Of Pedestal Sink

Our pedestal sinks are manufactured using only the best raw material thus allowing us to deliver high-quality sinks. Our sinks provide attractive features such as:

1. Non-abrasive nature: These sink are not bound to get ruined easily. You can pretty much install and forget about them.

2. Low-maintenance: Even though sinks are something that is going to be used quite a lot, we are able to manufacture sinks that don’t require much of your attention. You can clean these sinks with a single wipe, and you are good to go!

3. Different shapes: Traditional yet versatile. Our pedestal sinks are available in different shapes and sizes. Such as; oval, round, rectangular, and many more!

4. Aesthetic designs: Contemporary designs make our sinks look incredibly aesthetic. The artwork is rather simple, traditionally, yet blends with the surrounding tiles and environment. 

Our pedestal sinks are glazed finished, meaning a coating of color or texture over the surface of the sink. This makes the designs persist through wear and tear without getting compromised or ruined. We, at NACS International, understand the importance of personalized homes and sanitary solutions, and it is our understanding that has encouraged us to introduce such a variety of pedestal sinks in the market for our customers. Constant feedback and study allow us to continue innovating our collection by introducing resembling designs for our unique customers.

Our pedestal sinks are manufactured in India and exported throughout the globe. You can browse through our collection and select the most resonating sinks for your bathrooms or half baths. Several different sinks are available for you to leverage and decorate your homes just the way you like! Introduce your homes with clean and elegant-looking pedestal sinks and embrace the traditional yet contemporary look.

Pedestal sinks FAQs:

Pedestal sinks/sinks are one of the most popular choices for vintage and neo-retro homeowners. A pedestal sink is a good option for you if you are looking to decorate your home in a conventional and classic way. 

A full-length pedestal wash sink has a pedestal that ranges from the next of the wash sink all the way to the ground. The body is larger and is available in different designs. 

The standard size for a pedestal sink is 810mmx510mmx490mm. This size pedestal wash sink is available in different shapes, colors, and designs. With an attractive body upon which the wash sink rests.

A semi-pedestal wash sink has a small pedestal upon which the wash sink rests. The pedestal is shorter when compared to a full-length pedestal and is attached to the wall. The pedestal of a semi-pedestal wash sink does not touch the ground. 

The pedestal wash sinks can accommodate a variety of designs and make the room look authentic and attractive. The pedestal adds extra support to the wash sink and gives it more strength to it. Additionally, pedestal wash sinks are known for their sturdiness because of the added support of wall (semi-pedestal wash sink) or ground (full pedestal wash sink).


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