Top 7 Benefits Of A Wall Hung Toilet

Top 7 Benefits Of A Wall Hung Toilet
Posted by NACS | August 27, 2022

A toilet is essential to any bathroom, even though it is typically not the focal point. You might be considering your alternatives if you’re planning to modify an existing bathroom or are constructing a new home. However, a brand-new design of a toilet known as a wall hung toilet or wall-mounted toilet is gaining popularity in bathrooms all around the globe.

In recent years, this exceptional alternative to the typical close-coupled and Anglo-Indian toilets have really taken off, quickly emerging as the preferred choice for people designing high-end modern bathrooms.

In comparison to a regular toilet, a wall hung toilet provides numerous advantages, some of which we’ll cover in this blog. Before purchasing one for your bathroom suite, there are several factors to take into account. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is A Wall Hung Toilet?

Wall hung toilet are, as the name implies, toilets that are affixed to the wall. The majority of the bathroom’s mechanisms and piping are concealed in the wall behind the toilet, with the positioned at a sufficient height from the floor, as opposed to having a toilet cistern or unit with a pan linked to the floor.  By doing this, hand contact with the toilet handle is reduced. They are often mounted using cistern frames. They offer a discreet way to channel groundwater and waste from toilets.

What are the Benefits of Wall Hung Toilets?

Now that you are aware of what wall hung toilet is, why would you choose one over a regular, straightforward toilet? We’ve listed all the advantages below, and we think you’ll be amazed by how advantageous getting a wall-mounted toilet could be!

1. Space saver

The ability to save space makes wall hung toilets perfect for small bathrooms and ensuites. Installing a wall-hung toilet won’t need you to give up any valuable floor space, unlike the large cisterns and ugly piping of regular toilets. Being mounted on the wall rather than the floor, wall hung toilet also gives the impression of large space. Additionally, small wall-hung toilets are readily available; these toilets are great for cloakrooms and take up little room.

2. Cleaning Accessibility

You can easily clean around and underneath the toilet because the wall hung toilet base doesn’t touch the ground. There are no confined areas like there are in a conventional toilet where dust and filth can accumulate. This implies that you can just use a mop without having to stoop down. A wall-mounted toilet can withstand the test of time. It maintains the bathroom clean and organized. The concealed reservoir rarely needs maintenance, and if placed correctly, they don’t need any touch-ups.

3. Customize Height

The normal toilets come in predetermined standard heights. However, with wall hung toilet you can put them into your desired height & choice. You can adjust the wall-mounted toilet bowl’s elevation to your preferred level. Also, when it comes to installing toilets, conventional models often require extensive floor modification or the addition of a concrete layer to maintain the height. On the other hand, wall-mounted toilets can be seamlessly installed with minimal need for structural alterations.

Therefore, wall-hung toilets are ideal when building a bathroom for a person with reduced mobility or a person who might be unable to bend as low.

4. Minimal Appearance

A wall hung toilet can be the solution to unlock a style that is clean, elegant and aesthetically appealing. Many people think of wall hung toilets as futuristic and fashionable. We can understand why people consider them to be a fantastic complement to modern bathroom decor. Their smooth designs give them a futuristic appearance, making them especially well-suited to modern and minimalist bathrooms. When combined with a stunning bathroom design, they have a unique aspect that never fails to impress.

5. Water Saving and Low Noise

Due to its water savings, the wall hung toilet is particularly well-liked for its environmentally friendly features. When flushing, there is very little noise made by the water in the tank being filled and emptied. The wall does a better job of isolating the flush tank’s generated noise. You may select how much water to use by adjusting the flush volume on many hidden cisterns. 

6. Variety of style

Despite a wall hung toilet’s basic design, there are many different types of styles and colors available. When combined with a gorgeous bathroom design, wall-mounted toilet offers a distinctive appearance that never fails to impress. With a wall-hung toilet, you don’t have to exclude the toilet from your bathroom design plan.

7. Pricing 

This sort of toilet may have a little higher total cost than standard toilets, but it is still within the price range of individuals wishing to invest in their bathroom’s design. Nevertheless, installing this wall hung toilet is beneficial as it has looked great for many years.

We believe our blog has covered everything you need to know about wall-mounted toilets. If you were thinking about getting a wall hung toilet, we hope this blog has given you all the knowledge you need to decide.

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