Why Polished Porcelain Tile Is Getting Increasingly Popular?

Why Polished Porcelain Tile Is Getting Increasingly Popular?
Posted by NACS | September 17, 2022

When constructing a new house or remodeling an old one, selecting the correct flooring material is crucial. Although there are many tile options, one of which we will discuss is polished porcelain tile. This tile makes a major contribution to the floor’s overall aesthetic.

There are two types of these tiles: glazed and unglazed. As the name implies, polished porcelain tile has a high gloss and a smooth surface. It comes with glossy surfaces with a variety of textures and colors. 

We will go over a few of the polished porcelain tile’s key benefits in this blog. 

Top 7 Reasons For The Popularity of Polished Porcelain Tiles

Some of the most important advantages of polished porcelain tile are listed below.

1. Simple To Clean

Simple To Clean

The fact that polished porcelain tiles are quite simple to keep clean. Unlike other porous materials, ceramic tiles do not harbor bacteria, are relatively simple to wipe off, and may be kept clean for extended periods of time. You can use clean water with power for washing. Tiles are used both inside and outside applications and are easier to keep clean than regular tiles. 

2. Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

The polished porcelain tiles require so little upkeep. Because porcelain is a sturdy and stain-resistant material, washing is simple, and water can be removed without doing any serious harm. To keep out water, these tiles don’t need any extra sealing. Polished porcelain tile is therefore frequently used in damp spaces like kitchens, baths, and entranceways. With minimal effort, this tile will continue to look wonderful for many years.

3. Resistance to Scratches

Porcelain tiles have a glazed covering added to prevent scratches. In this way, polished porcelain tiles can easily handle the busiest region in your house such as the living room. They won’t scratch as easily as solid wood planks or ceramic surfaces. Because of this, porcelain tiles will not have to be replaced over time, even if they were used in the kitchen or bathroom. The majority of contemporary people love it as a lifelong commitment to their home.

4. Stain Resistance

Stain Resistance

Because they are stain-resistant, polished porcelain tiles offer an edge over other materials. Its polished surface prevents colors from infiltrating and staining the tiles in addition to repelling liquids. This quality is further improved by the glazing process, which almost eliminates fading of the surface color of these tiles. With the right maintenance, you can stop moisture-induced mildew growth as well as stains.

5. Highly Durable

Highly Durable

Durability is one of the most significant benefits of polished tile. This tile is meant to endure longer than the majority of other flooring tile types now available because it is constructed of highly refined clay that has been fired at higher temperatures. It also performs admirably in crowded streets and even in commercial locations.

6. Affordable Price

As the market grows more competitive over time, the price of polished porcelain tiles is not so high due to rising demand and an increase in manufacturers. For new home construction or renovations, polished porcelain tiling is now the most affordable option. Of course, other types of tiles are available in a variety of choices, but the price range is higher.

7. Moisture Resistant

Moisture Resistant

Due to its reduced susceptibility to moisture and resistance to cracking in cold areas, polished porcelain tiles are very helpful there. This is because polished floor tiles are significantly less porous, denser, and homogeneous than other kinds of tiles. 

Polished tiles are more reliable and trustworthy flooring options since they are more resistant to moisture incursion. In any case, polished tiles are the ideal option for occasionally damp environments because of their remarkable moisture resistance.

Due to the many benefits they offer, polished porcelain tiles are a great option for any residential or commercial space. If you’re looking for tiles for your home or workplace, this blog’s discussion of the benefits of polished porcelain tiles will be helpful.

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