Pros and Cons of Wall Hung Toilet (With Installing Method)

Pros and Cons of Wall Hung Toilet (With Installing Method)
Posted by NACS | November 17, 2022

This type of toilet is heavily used in small bathrooms because it takes up less space. Wall-hung toilets are also easier to clean because the entire unit can be easily reached. So with this blog, let’s learn more about wall hung toilets and discuss its advantages & disadvantages. Let’s begin.

What Is A Wall-Hung Toilet? 

Wall hung toilet also known as a wall-mounted toilet is a type of toilet that is installed on or hung from a wall. They are different from traditional floor-mounted toilets, which are installed on the floor. Wall-hung toilets have several advantages over traditional toilets as they are more space efficient since they do not take up floor space. 

This toilet is well suited for modern bathrooms as its internal accessories are incorporated within the wall. Which helps in giving a contemporary look and also makes it easier to clean.

Pros and Cons of Wall Hung Toilet 

There are several pros and cons to wall-hung toilets. Let’s start with the advantages.


1. Require Less Space 

On the plus side, wall-mounted toilets take up less space in your bathroom, they can be more aesthetically pleasing, and they are often easier to clean than traditional toilets.

2. Provide More Space 

Wall hung toilets automatically provide more floor space because of the decreased area occupied by the toilet base. Thus, they are excellent for modern small bathrooms or tiny places.

3. Easy To Clean

These toilets are relatively easy to clean. Fewer toilet fixtures allow less dirt. The floor is separate from the bowl thus, making cleaning easier.

4. Easily Adjustable 

Wall-mounted toilets are incredibly flexible. They come in several different sizes and their height can be adjusted as per the requirements.


1. Difficult To Install

However, wall hung toilet installation can be expensive as it can be more difficult to install, and it may not be as comfortable as traditional toilets. Ultimately, the pros and cons of wall mounted toilets depend on your individual needs and preferences.

2. Difficult Plumbing 

Plumbing becomes difficult in the case of these toilets as they require moving pipes through the walls. 

3. Need frame Reconstruction

The water tank hides in the wall which means if adjustments are required in the tank of the toilet then the frame has to be reconstructed.

4. More Expensive

Wall hung toilets are expensive compared to regular toilets. The aesthetics come at a cost. 

Wall Hung Toilets Installation Guide

Wall Hung Toilets Installation Guide

No installation is easy without a proper guide, luckily wall hung tiles are easy to install and do not require a complex mechanism. Here is a quick guide:

  1. Measure the space: In order to install a wall-hung toilet first you need to measure the space. These toilets do not require much space as their water tanks are installed inside the walls. However, it is important to get a good idea of where you want the wall-hung toilet to be. 
  2. Measure the wall thickness: Since the wall tank will fit inside the wall it is important to measure the wall thickness and ensure that no underlying infrastructure will be hampered during the installation of the wall-hung toilet.
  3. Connect the Pipelines: Connect your water pipelines with the tank of the wall hung (generally they work on a gravitational pull basis). Connecting the water tank will ensure a continuous water supply for flush and sprays. You will need valves fitted adjacent to the toilet piece (2 valves, one for the flush and the other for the spray).
  4. Install the toilet piece: Once the tank is properly installed inside the wall, cover the wall with the original background and proceed to install the wall-hung toilet. Connect all the necessary tubes and drainage so that it functions properly and peels off the plastic. 
  5. Further Checking: After installing a wall-hung toilet, check the flush and spray system of the toilet to ensure that everything is working. 

So this is the whole process of installing a wall-hung toilet. Follow all steps carefully for perfect installation.


Wall hung toilets are aesthetically pleasing and offer brilliant spacious features to the bathroom. These toilets are quite popular however as they come at an expensive price tag. These toilets have their own pros and cons and therefore it comes down to personal opinion and requirement. The above-mentioned blog covers the major advantages and disadvantages of wall mounted toilets along with tips for installing them.

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