How to Select The Best Porcelain Tiles For Your Home?

How to Select The Best Porcelain Tiles For Your Home?
Posted by NACS | November 21, 2022

Right now, Porcelain Tiles are one of the most popular flooring options available in the market, Thanks to their many benefits. They are the favorites of every designer and architect and on the wishlist of every homeowner.

When selecting porcelain tiles, be sure to consider your needs and preferences. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect tiles for your home.

Let’s see Why Porcelain tiles are getting so popular and let us help you select the best porcelain tiles for you.

Why Porcelain tiles? 

Porcelain tiles are a great flooring choice for several reasons. They are durable, easy to clean, and come in a variety of styles and colors. They can also be used in a variety of applications, including kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. Porcelain tiles are loaded with several features that contribute together to make them a popular choice for homeowners. 

If you are considering porcelain tiles for your home, be sure to follow these guidelines for selecting the right type of tile.

How to Select Porcelain Tiles? 

When selecting porcelain floor tile, there are a few factors you should consider:

1. Purpose

The most important factor is the purpose of the tile. If you are looking for a tile that is durable and can withstand a lot of foot traffic, then you should select a tile that is made for commercial use. If you are looking for a tile that is beautiful and will add a touch of elegance to your home, then you should select a tile that is made for residential use.

2. Grade of the Tile

This point covers the build quality of the tiles. The tiles must have a good PEI rate. PEI rate refers to Porcelain Enamel Institute. Based on the rating the porcelain tiles are divided into 5 classes. 

– The First-class Tiles are suitable for walls. 

– Second-class Tiles are suitable for low-traffic areas. 

– Third and Fourth class Tiles are used for residential areas.

– Fifth-class tiles are used for commercial, outdoor and heavy-traffic areas.

3. Type

As mentioned, the purpose of tiles determines this point. Depending upon your need you can filter the options provided and select the tiles that help you to impart a certain character to the walls or floor. 

The 2 main types of porcelain tiles are Glazed and Unglazed Tiles

– Glazed porcelain tiles on the other hand are more versatile. Porcelain tiles with glazed surfaces are printed with digital technology to give them a shinier marble-like appearance. 

– Unglazed tiles are known for their single texture, rustic, and matte look. They are also slip-resistant and stain-resistant. 


Considering the size is important. Porcelain tiles are available in 600x600mm and 600x1200mm. Porcelain Tiles 600x1200mm create less grout and small tiles 600x600mm give a compact & creative look with more grout. Small tiles 600x600mm are recommended for kitchens and washrooms, whereas large tiles are recommended for living rooms and bedrooms. 

Measure the place where you want to install the tiles and then place the order by calculating the number of tiles required in that surface area. 

5. Finish of tiles

The finish of tile is an important factor as it allows homeowners to decorate their homes as per their taste and interior. Every type of porcelain tile offers amazing versatility. Thus pick a design that resonates with your personality. 

Depending upon your requirements you can opt for; 

Matt Finish: For minimum stains and dust.

Gloss Finish: Enhance the brightness to give a spacious look.

Wood Finish: Give a fresh and natural look and soothes the atmosphere.

6. Color and Design

There are so many colors and designs available in the market because of the advancement in technology. Some of the prime examples are:

3D printing: The tiles are printed with designs that impart a 3D effect when perceived. These tiles are extremely aesthetic and unique.

Colorful Range Available: Porcelain tiles are available in so many colors such as; Gray, Brown, Light Brown, Blue, White, Different shades of color, and many more.

Porcelain tiles are the new trend for homeowners. These are highly durable and versatile tiles that have proven to be excellent decorative materials. There are so many options for porcelain tiles available in the market that you may need some help and guidance. Thus, the above-mentioned article covers all the significant points that you need to consider before purchasing the perfect porcelain tiles for your home. Consider the pointers and your personal touch to impart your personality in your homes.

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