The Advantages Of Porcelain Tiles With Its Definition

The Advantages Of Porcelain Tiles With Its Definition
Posted by NACS | December 20, 2022

Porcelain tiles are the favorite ones for anyone in the interior business, be it homeowners, interior designers or even architects. If you’re a novice wondering what porcelain tiles are. Don’t stress yourself. We got you covered. Below is the definition of these tiles and some of their key benefits.

What Are Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tiles are made of special clay and are heated at high temperatures to make them hard and durable. When you compare a porcelain tile to a ceramic tile, porcelain is better as they are thick and durable, and the water absorption ratio of porcelain tiles is less than 0.5%, thus making them most suitable for flooring. 

Now that you have an idea of a porcelain tile, let’s dive into the advantages of these tiles. 

Top 10 Advantages of Porcelain Tiles

Anything and everything on this planet has its advantages and disadvantages. But today, let’s focus on the positive aspect and learn about the benefits of Porcelain Tile. 

1) Tear And Wear Resistant

Tear And Wear Resistant

Porcelain tiles are hard, durable and can witness any temperature. Thus, as they are heated in high temperatures, they are strong tear and wear-resistant and can witness heavy traffic on their surface. Therefore, apart from residential uses, many designers also use them for commercial flooring. 

2) Resistant To Water/Liquid

Resistant To Water/Liquid 

As mentioned earlier, porcelain tiles are resistant to water and have a water absorption capacity of less than 0.5%. The surface of porcelain floor tiles is smooth, and they do not have any pores, thus, making them suitable for pool areas as well. 

3) Stain Resistant 

Stain Resistant 

Imagine you have invited your friends to a party and someone accidentally spills some wine on the floor, Your first thought might be that it may leave a stain on the floor, but that’s not the case with porcelain tile because they are impenetrable and thus stain resistant. So the next time someone spills anything on the floor, you can relax as it is porcelain. 

4) Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Yeah, we are guilty that in the hustle and bustle of life, we do not have much time on our hands to do the requisite cleaning of our home by ourselves. But do not be guilty, as porcelain tiles do not need much cleaning. Just take a damp cloth and clean the stains, and if you still think of going a step further, expand the tile’s durability by making it look glossy and shiny. Rinsing the tiles with mild hot water and detergent will do the magic. 

5) Suitable For High-Traffic Areas 

Suitable For High-Traffic Areas

Porcelain tiles are highly suitable for flooring areas of the home with high traffic, such as the living room and kitchen, and we are sure they will outperform other kinds of tiles in terms of durability and appearance in the long run. Imagine some other flooring; as time passes, it will wear and start looking dull, but that’s not the case with Porcelain tile; even in high-traffic areas, it will maintain its appearance and thus is the best choice by many around the globe. 

6) Available In Plenty Of Styles 

Available In Plenty Of Styles 

Porcelain tiles are versatile and thus have a plethora of options available. If you are looking to replicate the look of wooden flooring for a rustic ambiance, it is possible. It is possible if you are looking for a minimalistic look for a professional aura. Thus, any shape, colour, and pattern are available if you choose porcelain flooring. 

7) Reasonable Flooring Option 

As porcelain tiles are water and stain-resistant and can witness any weather conditions from scorching heat to extreme cold, they are a reasonable flooring option. It may seem expensive now, but when you consider the long run, porcelain tile is the best option for flooring and wall needs. 

8) Resistant To Fire 

Resistant To Fire 

Porcelain tiles are made in high temperatures and can witness high temperatures. These processes make them fireproof, unlike other flooring options like wood and laminates. In case, by accident, if a fire breaks out, the materials used in creation will prevent fire growth and, thus, be fire resistant. 

9) Moist Resistant 

Moist Resistant 

Porcelain tile has high density, and thus they are moist resistant. Apart from that, they do not crack in high temperatures, therefore suitable for outdoor decors as well. Their durability is their strength. 

10) Hygienic 


As these tiles are non-porous and easy to clean, the bacteria cannot set and grow on their surface. Following this, they have proved to be the most hygienic tiles in the tile manufacturing industry. 

So, these were the top ten benefits of Porcelain tiles. If you found this blog informational, let us know, and if you are looking to install tiles in your home or office, you can check out the various designs and sizes of the tiles collection.

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