Why Large Porcelain Tiles are the Future of Modern Interior Design?

Why Large Porcelain Tiles are the Future of Modern Interior Design?
Posted by NACS | March 03, 2023

Whether you're looking for tiles for your home, a redecorator, or any other sort of building, you've probably wondered whether to go with a tiny format or a large format. While we are in the process of picking tiles, we are frequently certain about our decision. Without a doubt, any sort of Porcelain Tile will be an excellent choice for paving any interior or exterior surface. But, if you use large porcelain tiles (big format) for your new interior design project, you will gain a number of additional benefits.

Porcelain tile is created by subjecting clay to extreme heat — anywhere from 2,300 to 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit! Porcelain is sometimes called a "high-fire" material. Porcelain tile is greater than ceramic tile and can withstand more elements than ceramic, which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor flooring.

Porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for keeping moisture out because of its smooth, poreless surface. Porcelain's non-absorbent and waterproof properties make these tiles perfect for use in bathrooms and foyers, where moisture from rain, sleet, snowmelt, and steam may gather and harm other types of flooring.

Porcelain tile is simple to maintain, it is a great option for kitchens because it is simple to wipe off and simple to disinfect. Simply keep in mind to select the class and grade that are most suited to your needs.

What’s Interesting About Large Porcelain Tiles?

What’s Interesting About Large Porcelain Tiles?

Grout lines are the main factor influencing tile size in the design. Fewer tiles are needed when installing large porcelain tiles, which implies fewer grout lines. Irrespective of the size of the room, these tiles give the space a more minimalist vibe. Smaller tiles, however, give a totally different impact.

The sleek, streamlined, and minimalist appearance of large porcelain tiles makes your area appear larger and more coherent. These tiles have strikingly similar designs to those seen in natural materials including wood, marble, granite, and many more.

The best style, pattern, and colour for the theme-appropriate floors and walls can be chosen. So, your choice of format tiles will rely on the style and subject matter you want.

Large porcelain tiles can be used in different settings and are very adaptable. These are some examples of good locations for their use:

  • Livingroom
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen Area
  • Shower Area
  • Bathroom Flooring
  • Fireplace Mantels

These days, large porcelain tiles are fashionable and a great option for homeowners, builders, or construction companies. For your house or office, large format slabs are a good choice due to their durability and aesthetic appeal.

Large porcelain tiles make the most of your cramped area by forming a continuous surface. They are simple to keep clean and maintain. In addition to this, there are additional things to think about while selecting huge tiles for your ideal house.

Maximizing Space and Style: The Benefits of Large Porcelain Tiles

Maximizing Space and Style: The Benefits of Large Porcelain Tiles

Minimum Grout Lines

Fewer grout lines are a key characteristic of Large Porcelain Tiles. Tiles provide a smooth surface since less grout is needed. The desired appearance is easy to achieve because grout's joints almost disappear between tiles.

Provides Spacious Look

Tile size has a direct impact on how big a space appears, much like how light colors give any area the impression of being larger.

Leaning on the large porcelain tiles is the most suitable and advised option if you want to visually extend an area, that is, make it appear larger than it is.

Continuity Effect

Large extensions on the porcelain pieces enable coating surfaces with a minimal amount of pieces. Because there are fewer groupings, a better level of visual uniformity can be achieved.

The grouping of the pieces is reduced, creating a stronger visual continuity that can only be achieved with large-format porcelain sheets. Also, because the pieces have rectified joints, there is barely any space between the sheets. Despite this, we advise that the infill be done with a hue or tone that matches the tile, creating the illusion that it is one piece.

Easy to maintain and clean

Large porcelain tiles have a beautiful appearance, are durable, and require little upkeep. Unlike some other tiles, they don't need any additional sealing to keep out water. Water wipes off porcelain tile floors without doing any actual harm, making them easy to maintain. In areas where moisture is frequently present, such as kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and mudrooms, porcelain tiles are frequently employed. Of all the numerous flooring types, porcelain tile floors are among the simplest to maintain.

Provides a Modern and Aesthetic Look

The aesthetic attractiveness of large porcelain tiles is one of their many benefits for homeowners. It has a contemporary, slick appearance. Also, these tiles are available in a huge selection of patterns, hues, and materials. It just looks stunning.

Cost Effective

Large porcelain tiles are cost-effective due to low maintenance and easy installation. Porcelain tiles offer high durability and are generally long-lasting.


The use of large porcelain tiles should be noted if you want to be current and adhere to fashion rules. You can find the solution to building incredibly beautiful and distinctive spaces in them.

Large-format tiles can be used to create unified spaces and are simple to integrate with other porcelain stoneware kinds, such as hydraulic tiles that add a more vintage touch, to create unique and contemporary interiors.


Because of their various possible applications, large surfaces offer great innovative design thought. Large porcelain tiles are versatile and may be used for a range of projects and designs, including worktops, work tables, bathrooms, and kitchens, due to their size, homogeneity, and a high degree of performance.

When Should You Use Large Porcelain Tiles For Your Space?

Large porcelain tiles are just comforting in a world full of difficult choices. There are more advantages to using huge porcelain tiles than you may realize, advantages that will not only simplify your style, but also your life.

Porcelain tile is the best option for any room, particularly the shower, where water spray, splashes, or spills will be a common occurrence. After all, porcelain tiles are water resistant in addition to being strong and long-lasting. Unfortunately, grout lines are an unavoidable fact of life. Large porcelain tiles are consistent in size and shape, with grout lines that can be quite thin, and their use also results in fewer grout lines overall.

Can Large Porcelain Tiles Be Used in a Small Room?

Large Porcelain tiles can be used in both small and large spaces. Large porcelain tiles make a small room look bigger in size. Moreover, large porcelain tiles can be easily installed.

Large Porcelain tiles are available in a variety of shapes, patterns, colours, and sizes. Many consumers don't consider size while buying tiles and wind up buying smaller porcelain slabs. The most common size of porcelain tiles is 24x48.

Porcelain tiles in large formats frequently have a 6mm or more thickness than typical porcelain tiles. the dimensions of huge slabs for walls or floors larger than 12" by 12". This extremely durable material is unquestionably lighter and more affordable than comparable slabs and tiles.

Wrap Up

Large porcelain tiles have special advantages for every construction or new building activity. Learn more in this post about the benefits of using large porcelain tiles.

Whether to choose small or large tiles is a question that has probably crossed your mind if you're interested in purchasing them for your house, a renovation, or any type of new building. When it comes time to select tiles, we frequently need guidance on what style to choose. To pave the surface, whether indoors or outside, porcelain tiles of any kind are undoubtedly the greatest option.

The large porcelain tile creates a sense of continuity throughout the room. Spaces appear larger than they are due to this sense of continuity. NACS is a leading porcelain tiles manufacturer in Morbi, India and exports worldwide tiles collection of large porcelain tiles in countries like the USA.