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By NACS | October 13, 2023
Upgrade your bathroom with elegance & functionality! Our 10-step guide walks you through the process of installing a pedestal sink. From mounting the wood blocking to checking for leaks, we've got you covered.
By NACS | October 10, 2023
Discover the world of designer wash basins and explore 8 captivating concepts to enhance your home's aesthetics. From the bold edges of Breva to the artistic allure of artisanal countertops, stay ahead in home decor with these captivating ideas.
By NACS | August 21, 2023
Navigate the world of floor tiles with the ultimate guide to making the perfect selection. Discover expert tips on choosing the right materials, colors, sizes, and designs that align with your style and lifestyle.
By NACS | August 12, 2023
Discover the importance of wall tile sizes in improving the aesthetics and functionality of your living spaces. This blog provides valuable insights and considerations to help you make informed decisions and transform your interiors.
By NACS | August 04, 2023
Discover expert tips on how to prevent chipping when cutting porcelain tiles. From using the right tools to employing proper cutting techniques, learn how to achieve clean and precise cuts without compromising the integrity of your tiles.
By NACS | August 04, 2023
Elevate the shine of your polished porcelain tiles with effective techniques. Learn how to enhance their natural glossiness using proper cleaning, polishing agents, and maintenance routines.