Porcelain Tile Manufacturer In Morbi

largest manufacturer and exporter of porcelain tiles

NACS International is a well-known tiles manufacturer in Morbi, India that has products on a global scale which include porcelain tiles, polished porcelain tile, porcelain tiles measuring 600 x 1200 mm, pedestal basins, two-piece closets, and so forth. We provide the greatest solutions to let you change your environment in any way you desire. We have been in the business for many years and provide the best ceramic tile flooring at fair prices.

Further, we are an ISO-certified company driven to provide you with ceramic products that are remarkable in both quality and appearance. We place a high value on offering products to our clients of unwavering standards, which is why we produce and develop our products using the most recent technology.

We think that a product’s success is mostly dependent on its quality. So as a leading tiles manufacturer in Morbi, our quality control staff ensures that there are no unclean fish in the pond by conducting appropriate quality assurance inspections on each of our ceramic products. To know more about our company and products, check our about us page..

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At NACS International, we give high priority to offering products of unwavering standards to our customers by using the latest technology in the manufacturing and design of our products.

We have extensive export networks spanning many different countries, and our supply and distribution systems are dispersed across all of India. if you are considering purchasing our products? Please let contact us know.

Porcelain Tiles FAQs:

The price of tiles depends upon the format and size of the tile. Smaller tiles cost comparatively lesser than larger tiles and ceramic tiles generally cost lesser than porcelain tiles. On average, the pricing of tiles can be bifurcated by size:

  • 600x600mm tiles go for 250/- per box. (A box contains 12 tiles. )
  • 300x600mm tiles go for 160/- per box.
  • 300x300mm tiles for 130/- per box.

When selecting porcelain tile manufacturers it is important to keep these factors in mind; years of experience, customer reviews, collection of tiles, and services. In Morbi, Gujarat NACS International provides high-quality tiles which are exported to several countries. Our collection is vast and the services are above-satisfactory.

Morbi is a hub for tiles in India. The city is home to several tile manufacturers. NACS International is a leading tile manufacturer in Morbi and their tiles are exported on a global scale. Thus, making them the largest tile manufacturer in Morbi.